What should I call you?

Saysi ^^ It's an old nickname from when I was in a kid that became my name for everything fandom (Please don't try to shorten it, it never makes sense)

Where do you live?

In the Southern Hemisphere, I don't feel comfortable disclosing more than that.

Are you a full-time writer?

Short Answer: No.

Long Answer: I just finished my university degree, so for the past ~3 years I've been studying full-time as well as having a part-time job with varying hours, plus I'm an athlete so lots of training time and classes to coach.

Right now my part-time job is not operating due to COVID, so Patreon and Commissions help me buy groceries while I don't have work, as well as when my chronic illness is flaring up too badly for me to work.

Are your commissions open?

Unless there is a note on my commissions page saying otherwise, they are open. I will give you an estimate of how long yours will take after you submit the form and check that you're okay with it before proceeding.

Did you mean “scarfed” not “scoffed”?

No, you're just American. Please google it.

>You should use scarfed instead

No. I'm not American and the rest of the world has no idea what you guys are on about.

Can I translate one of your fics?

Yes, absolutely. As long as you link back to the original and make it clear that you didn't write the original work (e.g. "this work is a translation of [Title] by Saysi [link]" in the notes on other websites, or the built-in function for translations on Ao3). Please don't try to take credit for the work itself, just for the translation.

You haven't answered my question!!

Check my CuriousCat, and if it's not there either, ask it!