Where does your username come from?

Saysi was a childhood nickname and is still what people I've known for a long time tend to call me. I usually append an "On[Website]" because a) sometimes Saysi is taken and b) some sites don't allow 5 character usernames.

>What should I call you?

Just Saysi, thanks.

How old are you?

Over eighteen. I prefer not to be specific.

Where do you live?

The Southern hemisphere, I prefer not to be specific.

>So Christmas is in the summer? Isn't that weird??

Yes, Christmas is in the summer. No, Christmas in the winter is weird.

>Why do you always post in the middle of the night?!

Because it's like 6pm and I just got home from work.

What do you do for work?

I'm a student, an athlete, and have a part-time job teaching gymnastics and martial arts classes, mostly to kids under 10. I also have Patreon and write commissions which help me buy groceries when I don't have enough hours at work.

Are your commissions open?

Probably, yes. Unless there is a note on my commissions page saying otherwise, they are always open. I will give you an estimate of how long yours will take after you submit the form and check that you're okay with it before proceeding.

Did you mean “scarfed” not “scoffed”?

No, you're just American. Please google it.

>You should use scarfed instead

No. I'm not American and the rest of the world has no idea what you guys are on about.

What are your favourite genres to write?

In original content, fantasy and adventure type stuff.

In fics, I mostly like fluffy T-Rated things like how-they-got-together or overcoming-a-problem-together stories.

You haven't answered my question!!

Check my CuriousCat, and if it's not there either, ask it!